Spa Services

Face Lifting & Makeup

We have a composite of natural organic skincare products to fit your unique requirements individually. Facial treatments are an excellent way to address any skin issues and boost your confidence. Problem areas such as fine lines, sun damage, or even acne are part of our skin treatments. We design our treatment to allow for comfort and and to include a massage of the face, shoulders, neck, feet, and hands.

Massage Therapy

With the hectic, stressful pace that today’s world demands of us all, a visit to Larisa’s Spa will be a well-deserved, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience. Larisa’s Spa specializes in health & beauty maintenance by providing time-honored, traditional therapies. We offer Deep Tissue massage, Swedish style massage, AromaTherapy, Hot Stone massage, Foot Reflexology, and pregnancy Massage.

Detox & Purification

Does your body feel off? If so, find the right detox at Larisa’s Spa where our staff of holistic health professionals will eliminate the toxins from your body with an unforgettable experience. Let us pull the clutter out of your blood and revitalize your soul.

Skin & Waxing

Make your skin better. That is our philosophy. Treat yourself to an expert look and the very best body waxing. You will see the difference when are highly trained technicians take your skin to a new level. After our treatment, you will have a smoother, softer look to your skin. We exfoliate your body for dryness and unwanted build-up. Our artisans are devoted to providing treatment that help in problem areas and give you the much needed therapy you deserve. Review our lineup of treatments and schedule your appointment.

Body Work

From salt and sugar glows to body polish and stone massage. Let our experts do what they do best and give you the body work treatment of a lifetime. We deliver treatments that make you feel the way you should. Our body work encompasses a number of techniques including massage and mud skin treatments. We use time honored therapies that aid in ridding your body of musculoskeletal pain, arthritis, insomnia, and fatigue. Come in and see for yourself what we can do for a better you.

Manicure & Pedicure

Your hands do all your work and your feet take you everywhere. It’s time you give them a break and treat them to a spa manicure and pedicure. At Larisa’s Spa you’ll only get the best results with services tailored to your personal needs. Rest and relax while we do all the work for you. Boost your confidence our experts can give your new look.

Spa Rest

What is spa rest? Your body needs time to rejuvenate and repair. What happens if you don’t repair your body with resting? A number of issues have been linked to lack of rest. Body issues that include high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, emotional difficulties, poor job performance, depression and lower sex drive. Be pro body and treat yourself to spa rest you need to ensure your body gets the rest it needs.

Choose Your Service

Pricing & Services

  • This procedure is designed for the on-the-go client. Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and masque application are still employed. Perfect for all skin conditions.
  • 30 min & does not include massage.
  • This method was developed to maintain a healthy, beautiful and radiant appearance. This facial includes deep and gentle cleansing, exfoliation, masque application, and moisturizer. Also, reflexology, 25 minutes massage to arms, legs and feet plus a personalized skin-care consultation.
  • 1 hour
  • This facial involves the use of warm stones to combine the benefits of touch and thermal therapy. It provides deep nourishment for the skin.
  • 1 hour
  • This is an intensive treatment that replenishes the moisture lost by the skin due to abuse from weather extremities. Helps nourish dry, dehydrated skin. A perfect treatment for the winter.
  • 1 hour

Pricing & Services

  • Enjoy the deep, gentle cleansing of a regular facial masque, and moisturizer, using chocolate product.
  • 1 hour
PREGNANCY MASSAGE $50.00 | $70.00 / 30 min | 1hr
  • This method is a perfect way to alleviate and reduce stress of the body and promote the overall well-being of the unborn child.
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE $50.00 | $70.00 / 30 min | 1hr
  • Therapeutic massage is a revitalizing treatment that dramatically helps to relieve aches and pains. Medium to deep pressure is generally used.
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY $50.00 | $70.00 / 30 min | 1hr
  • Foot reflexology practices are based on the theory that reflex areas in the feet correspond with different organs within the body. By stimulating the reflexes correctly, tension and stress are relieved in a safe and natural way.
  • Hot stone massage is a specialty that uses smooth, heated stones that are placed on the body. They are often basalt, a black, volcanic rock that absorbs and retains heat well.
  • 1 hour
  • Choose your favorite essential oil to be used.


What They Say

"I have been going to Larisa for 5 Year’s now. She is wonderful. Her massage is the best I have ever had. Her prices are similar to others in price and are affordable. If you are looking for a great place to relax Larisa spa is it." - Donna Boyd

"LOVE LARISA!! Best massage by far that I have ever had. I have tried many locations in the Janesville area and nobody comes close!" - Christa Skelly

"I have been getting massages, from Larisa, for 17+ years. She is THE BEST! Her massage technique is amazing. Her spa is welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. If you need a massage (for any reason), I highly suggest you book an appointment with Larisa." - Jodi Galvan

"Larisa is my savior. She is an awesome masseuse. I've been going to her for over 15 years. I have a very physical job and walk out of her spa a new woman. She gives great mani and pedis, relaxing facials plus has great beauty products and beneficial health advice." - Jennifer Dietsche

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